I need some help understanding a blown hydraulic filter seal on the new wood splitter



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Sep 18, 2000
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Post 6 mentions nothing of the return stroke kick out.

The filter did not burst, only the seal pushed out of it's groove. The spray of leaking fluid was NOT at system pressure, more consistent to a leaking garden hose washer. 25 psi seems about right.

The original filter was reinstalled. When I looked down the hole, I did not notice any displaced parts. I'll double check the reservoir inlet screen.
A faulty bypass valve could increase the return pressure to the point of filter seal failure. A faulty bypass valve which is increasing return pressure could also alter the pressure differential between the rod end work port and the return circuit, disabling the pressure operated detent kick out. So yes, post #6 could explain both concerns providing the reader understands the potential affects of a malfunctioning bypass valve.
A certainty? No. A possibility? Absolutely.