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Did a bit of reading on carbon monoxide and these little heaters. Looks like solar is the only safe alternative. :) Too bad I fish after dark. I'd better add a carbon monoxide detector to my list of appliances.
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MossRoad, Thanks for the tip on condensation freeze up & waxing the zippers.. I'm about to buy my first "tent". Having only fished from rigid shacks that were well insulated I'd never have thought about getting frozen in. MikeD74T
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Thanks for the ebay find, NSBound. I'm a little gun shy on used Coleman stuff. They can be quite pricey to rebuild if they are not working properly. I'd have to take it for a test drive before I bothered with a used one.
I did just work my evening shift from the shack (parked in the yard outside my garage). It's pretty comfortable. The fixed windows did steam up. Could use a little desk. :)
I used my Coleman lantern to heat it tonight. It overheats very easily even with all three windows open an inch. Lantern has been running over 8 hours on what fuel was in it from last year. Now I remember why I chose the lantern to heat my last hut, they do work well.
I still need to build a couple benches but I do plan on setting her out on the bay tomorrow.
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Have you seen the guys that are using LED lighting with a marine battery for lighting up the inside? From what they are saying, you can go hours and hours between recharges because the LEDs use so little power. Many of them are using the same battery to power their fish finders, too.
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Come on Moss; a proper ice fishing shed has a generator to run the fridge so the Iced Tea stays cool! :D:D
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Yeah we use LED lights. I wasn't kidding about the solar lights. I've used those garden lights that home depot sells for $2. I plan on building them into this shack. As for fish finders. I've used them on lakes that are new to me but only to locate a certain depth before we bore holes. Then I turn it off because if the fish aren't biting I'd rather not know they were there. :)
Egon, last winter I moved my shack just to get away from my BIL's nephews who had a generator running to power their toaster oven.
Tried the shack out tonight, DW got one walleye. My internet was problematic. I need to learn about tuning wifi over a 2 KM distance.
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Never tried it but a roll of tp that soaked up an inch of kerosene in a coffee can, lasts a long time.
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i would use a petromax or a coleman kerosene latern they give off alot heat and are cleaner running than a white gas lantern. i would not run a white gas lantern in a small enclosed space. kerosene gives off carbon dioxcide while white gas, naptha, coleman fuel give off carbon monoixcide when burning


We did this too, a simple Coleman double mantle lantern gives off all the light and heat you need in a pop up ice hut. It kept both holes from freezing over and me and my friend would sit in there with our coats off and be plenty warm. Also, you can cut a can off and flip it over so you have a flat base and set it on top the heater if you want to warm up some food while in there. I have cooked quite a few simple things on top of the lantern while fishing :)
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Here's a shack that I designed and built for our local fish and game club. A member is an artist and did the mural. The shack is heated with a wood stove made from an old 20lb propane tank. The stove has been modified for this year - now has a bigger grill and is painted black.

The shack is designed to fit into the back of a full size pickup; the angled sides provide a backrest so you don't have to haul any chairs. Floor size is 5 x 8; you can comfortably seat six (to warm up, not to fish!).

I might make a new stove out of sheet steel, the propane tank is a little heavier than necessary but it works very well.

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