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Jun 20, 2020
ih 706
Morning ladies & gents! My IH 706 sat for several weeks and now the steering wheel just free wheels spinning all around with no resistance . Was alittle low on hydraulic fluid but has since been filled . Need to get tractor back in action to haul wood and plow snow with winter coming on here in Minnesota!
Thanks in advance !
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Sounds like your hydraulic steering control valve is not getting pressure or is not transmitting that pressure down to your double end steering cylinder. Valve could be stuck, valve or plumbing plugged, or the steering portion of your hydraulic pump is not developing pressure. I would start with a pressure test at the steering valve hydraulic input and work forwards or backwards from there.
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If you utube the IH MCV you will find several videos on cleaning it and the purposes of the various outputs.

don't worry about staying with the 06 series most of them 06, 56, 74, 75, 85 85, 66, 86 are almost the same as far as function.
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once you fill with oil,--you have to cycle several times from stop to stop to get the air out. This is mostly the problem when the steering unit wears out. It may or may not come back,---my 706 didnt and I had to put in another unit. ( had another used one on hand) also are your top seals good? They tend to wear out and let air in and oil out.