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May 12, 2014
Paarl South Africa
This tractor does not want to move . No forward or reverse.
I did check and replace the hydraulic filter. It was cloged up with some cloth. Someone before me left his cleaning cloth inside.
I also removed the charge and mainpump and had it checked out. This is the pump on the right side of the gearbox.
Then I removed the other pump just infront of the left rearaxle. There I found the rest of that cloth.
Then on some advice I removed the pto pack and stripped it. Its pick-up was block aswell and the plates was burned out. I overhauled it and that is working now. I do get oilpressures at the hidge and externales and at the pto.
No oilflow at the inching pedalvalve.
Help is needed please ?
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Damn that is a shame that someone did that.
I always liked the Hydro 100 especially after a turbo gets added to them for more pto power.
An awfull lot of small ports that can get plugged up with fibers.
Good Luck getting her going.
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Still working on this tractor.
At this port I do get 400 psi and I can adjust it more.
At the bottom testport I do not get any prssure
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Wow... just wow....

I don't know the answers to your questions. I've got a 1066 and go to an IH site for some learning (or asking) on working on it.

Those fellas over there eat, breath red and probably won't marry it unless it's red. There is a lot of IH technical experience there. (not to diminish this site)
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With no help I found these checkvalves fitted the wrong way. I am about to start this tractor and test it.
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Looks like I did not find the problem.
Well...tomorrow is another day !
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Dang thought you had it at first.
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I looked at the pistures and found this pin shorter than it should be .
Will make one that will be longer and then test it
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