I'm Backkkk ! My old new 1425

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Jul 5, 2005
Harpers Ferry WV - Mountains of Shannondale
Former owner of a P T -180 / Kubota BX-1500 .. A Craftsman Yard Tractor / John Deere 140 H-1 / Cub Cadet 108. And now ( Little Red ) a Power Trac 1425
It's been a while since had my PT-180 .. :laughing:

Look what followed me home today. A 425 only red with a 1 in front of it..

The engine runs smooth has a Kohler Command 25 . The machine only has 631 original hours.. The guy that sold it to me is the original owner and says he only used it to move some large rocks around his house and to plow snow.

He loaned it to his brother who somehow screwed up the hydraulic pump. So he had a company rebuild it seems to work great. I did hear some clicking when turning the wheels. I will be away all of this coming week but after that I plan to check everything out. At least I do have all of the original manuals and paperwork from Tazewell..

First thing on my list a good cleaning and then a repaint.. :thumbsup:


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congrats, welcome back.

Looks like the PT-1425 is in great shape. The first thing on your list should be to slap a coat of mud on that thing. :D

The rear grill on that thing is going to make it hard to get your hand through to change the oil filter....
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Yep will clean it up check it out paint it then go play in the mud.. I'm sure I'll have plenty of surprises coming my way. Ran great for the test drive but things I missed will surface in time. To be expected it is used. But that's the nature of we PT owners. Do your own repairs and maintenance with the help of this little group.. At least I did get the owners manual might help somewhat. ;)
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Congrats! I think you'll appreciate going bigger.... :p
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Thanks Kent,

Already notice the difference in size and power. I'm very particular so I will be replacing parts and components until I feel it is 100% transformed into a reliable running machine at least I have the basics now to work with.

Won't have any time to really look it over until after next weekend I will be away this week. But it sure looks nice having little Red sitting in my garage.

Think I've been missing my last one since I sold it.. My little kubota BX was handy for a yard tractor did a great job plowing snow and could do a lot of other things but It never gave me the feeling of being a heavy duty ground engaging machine.

After I do all of the mantience I will be following your lead and changing out the arms with new ones for the current setup. The 3 pin can go... Somewhere down the line a rop's will be in order.
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I don't believe the lift arms have to go.

I believe Terry said the QA adapter will just fit the pins.

You might call him and verify.

Seems like the pin on plate for my 1445 was about $250, and then you have to weld up the adapter plate for all the other attachments.
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Thanks J.J.

When I finally get a free weekend. I'll be going over everything and makeing a list then I plan to give him a call.
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