Impliment$ Harley Rake?



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Jun 11, 2020
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Just like boats! You spend X on the boat and another X for all the goodies. Hee hee, I knew that going in but, when every time you point to a weed your buddy says, you gotta get that new wizz bang bush hog with the this and that and it痴 only $4000.00 or more, or less.

Of course the other option is to pay somebody but, what fun is that.

Real quick, I did pay a guy with a forest destroyer machine! The first guy I hired had a $32000.00 attachment that lasted 1 hour, broke blades and both QA straps and quit.

The new guy that came the last 3 days and had a grinder thing on his skid steer that used carbide hammers as apposed to blades. Talk about brute force! He would not get close to rocks! I don稚 blame him.

In this case it was better to pay him. I had done 3 acres with a chain saw over 3 hot rainy summer months. He did the other 3 acres in three 4 hour sessions. The ticks and bugs and snakes can have the other 50 acres.

The chipper guy did landscaping for 30 years. He suggested I get a Harley Rake. Ok, how much can a rake cost?

About $7000 or so. He says it will make my property look like a golf course.

Just like a boat only with a tractor, if you had to make a buck, you probably could.


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Jan 14, 2011
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Oct 25, 2008
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I have seen Harley Rakes used several times. They work really well. The get the soil real fine and level at the same time. The last one I saw was on the front of a dingo. Might be pretty reasonable to rent.