Installed a new Hydroback cable

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Jul 5, 2005
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The old girl had some creep into reverse when I would start her up. Was also kind of hard to push the treadle. So I decided to put in a new cable along with new tie rod ends. I put the machine up on blocks.

A few pic's from the install. May be hard to tell the pic's are in order from start to finish. I cut off one of the old tie rod ends and used the main body to join two cables together. Saw a post where J.J. did this sounded like the way to go. Thanks J.J.

I slid electrical rubber heat tubes and electrical tape over the threads then greased that to keep the rough surface from damaging any hoses going through the tunnel. Then proceeded to pull the new cable through with the old one. While I had the tunnel plate off. I lubed up the throttle cables.

After eyeballing cleaning and lubing the Hydroback unit.. It seemed to be in good shape. Adjusted and readjusted a few times to zero it in.

It still had a tad of creep in reverse no where near as bad as before. I noticed the Hydroback unit had about an 1/8 inch of play which caused the plastic case to move backward and forward when depressing the treadle. That resulted in a slightly moved pump lever arm.

I attached a spring to the case to hold it in place so it didn't move and the creep stopped. Now she runs great what a difference you just touch the treadle and it takes off. Now I'll have to get used to the treadle sensitivity.. So much easier to maneuver now.


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   / Installed a new Hydroback cable
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I didn't ask Terry and there were no instructions, I just winged it. Wasn't too bad just messy and gave me a good reason to finally clean up the garage. She's good to go now. Free's me up to address other things on my list ... ;)
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I did not recognize that as a PT - where is all of the mud, oil, grass, branches, etc? Nice post to help others who have to do this.

   / Installed a new Hydroback cable
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I'm one of those people that eat all the food on my plate one portion at a time until I'm done .. I never eat a little of this and a little of that.

Guess I'm kinda the same way when it comes to my tractor. I work on one thing at a time do a little of this and a little of that until I get it exactly where I want it. Then comes the major mud, oil, grass, branches ... lol ...

Not sure how much help I was but if anyone ever needs a little advise putting in a new cable.. At least now I'll know enough to contribute to the discussion.. ;)
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Thanks for bumping it for a review on cable operated treadle controls. I would like to bring up that since the PT has no brakes, all these components are your brakes! You should check for wear and loose parts to make sure you don't get a surprise at the wrong time. Even the roll pin that holds on the arm to the tram pump (you can just make it out in the pic). If it fails, there will be nothing to bring it to neutral.
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Some of the larger models have brakes. I know my little PT425 does not. I plan accordingly on slopes, just in case. 🙃
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Roger on the brakes. My 1460 has 4 whl elect park brake, but I can only imagine how it would go in an emergency situation to try to find the identical brake toggle switch amongst all the others (Front lights, rear lights, draft control, PTO, seat adjust, did I miss any?

I am starting to wonder if one of those big red buttons they have on industrial equipment to shut down in an emergency would be prudent on the none brake models. I don't think it would do much, maybe slow down a bit.
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I think if it ever happens to me, I'll just grab the steering wheel with both hands and ride it out to the end. The ROPS/Canopy is pretty stout. The seatbelt works. I don't think it'll tip over end-to-end, forward or backward, so at worst, it'll lay over on its side. I don't think it could roll more than 90 degrees to either side.

Of course, if I have an implement on, I'm sure I'd try and jam it into the ground, but if it's a mower with wheels, doing that, you'll just raise the front tires off the ground and roll on the mower wheels, which also will allow the unit to oscillate and articulate wildly, making it harder to control.

Hopefully, it will never happen, but knowing it could at all times is part of operator awareness.