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I'll try and revive this thread, if I may. I broke the joystick today after 11 years and 1400 hrs on my CK 20 HST. Obviously they are plastic balls - and from what in read here, I need to replace with the newer metal balls /kits. What i don't understand is: the dealer told me I had to take the whole assembly off...cables - unhooked underneath the tractor floor where the cables then go into a large junction that feeds the hyrdraulic cables.
I'm a stonemason- not a mechanic, so this may not sound right.
But why can't the new balls /cinematic kit be replaced after just taking off the rubber boot and all?
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On mine I removed the boot. Unbolted the lever from the floor and adjusted the balls so I could change them still hooked underneath. Hope that helps.
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Yep, you can do it without unhooking everything. For a shop it may be easier to do it that way. If you detach the assembly from the tractor (leaving all cables attached) you can actually move it outside near the rear tire to work on it so you don't need to reach in from under the seat (which pretty much has to be removed in any case). Not as easy as on a workbench, but totally sufficient.

edit: that's on my CK27, your CK20 may be enough different that this may not apply.
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Im having the issues with needing to repair the cinematic kit on my CK30. I got everything out fine but I am not able to get the three rods lined up correctly to get all 3 into the joystick holder (nice technical term huh). I can get 2 of the 3 but not all of them. Is there a specific order? Also forgot to mark my cables as to which one goes where. Can someone tell me if the outer cable (while sitting in the drivers seat) connects to the right side or left side of the joystick holder? Pretty sure the black block goes in so the pivot rod is at the back and to the right (closest to the seat)? Based on the pivot rod being correct does the outiside line go the the right of the pivot rod? Also someone mentioned other parts within the black housing like rings and a spring. Does anyone know what parts should be in that black housing? Sorry for all the dumb questions but I had taken it apart some time ago and just getting back to it so I'm a bit lost. Thanks
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I ended up getting the coupler attached to all the rods. Found out the cause was water within the cable when I opened up the cover from underneath. Probably the equivalent of a teaspoon puked out (was probably the reason I couldnt get the balls into the coupler in the first place). I still don't know how the two cables connect from the bottom to the rods on the black box. Could someone tell me how to connect them? If I am sitting in the drivers seat, does the lower outside cable go to the outside rod on the black box? I tried to follow the hydraulic lines from the bottom connection out to the bucket hydraulics. I was able to determine that each line splits into two lines (2 for the bucket raise/lower and 2 for the bucket curl up/down) The problem is the hydraulic lines go into the frame of the FL (thinking my is the KL130?) and wasnt able to accurately follow the path of the lines. I know there are markings on the bottom of the lower box where all the hydraulic in/out lines connect but there wasn't any identifiers to help me know which connector to use. I would like to get this done today because my grandson is coming over and he loves to ride his Papa D's tractor :)
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Perhaps this will help: 20190311_080822.jpg