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Feb 10, 2007
Willis, Texas
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In recent emails, I had been given a cost of $750 for my tractor liability insurance in my new start up business....Big RED Beast Excavators. Now the Farm Bureau agent just sent me quote of $2806. My question is what insurance do Y'all have and how much do you pay for digging in the dirt?
hugs, Brandi
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St. Farm.... Brand spanking new Kioti CK30HST and implements.... $299 US. -- Note: Strictly farm use, NON Commercial.
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I have a small tractor mowing business. My general liability insurance is around $760 a year. Good luck.
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2 NH Tractors, Trailers and AG equipment. Right around 500.00 a year Farm Bureau! Small Business Liability Michigan
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Is that for a performance bond too? Usually those are for specific jobs.
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Thanks for the replies guys, but I am asking for business liability insurance prices from businesses that dig in the dirt, as in excavations. I have Farm Bureau insurance on the tractor and trailer and my truck now, but am looking for liability insurance for just the tractor to do as a business, what I like to do at home................dig in the dirt.
hugs, Brandi
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Is that for a performance bond too? Usually those are for specific jobs.

No, it is not a performance bond. The quote is just for general liability for digging. The agent says if it was not digging, it would go down to around $1800. I am wanting to start up a weekend type tractor use business.
hugs, Brandi
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Brandi, I have no idea what insurance for what you want to do is going to cost you. What I do know is that it is going to be a bunch of money. :( I have 2 different businesses, the insurance people love me. I have had 2 claims in 37 years of doing business, won one claim lost another for 14k. Those claims were over 20 years ago. I don't dig in the earth, but I do weld. My insurance is quite a bit north of what you have been quoted. My understanding is that any back hoe biz is expensive to insure. :eek:

You might find that it is hard to be a weekend business, do it all legitimate and have it be worth your time and effort. :( Not trying to shoot you down, just saying how it is. Your truck and trailer have to be insured differently also, and that is more money. :mad: It may be a lot different in Texas, but in California, it is just about impossible to do what you want to do and make any money for yourself.

Good luck ;)
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I am a SF agent. It depends on your location obviously. Anytime you do anything more than superficial lanscaping type of digging it gets expensive. If you were in Maine the $2800 quote does not seem bad at all.
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