international 424 valve clearance.

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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
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New to the International forum. I have a 424 in my garage wanting to get it running for a widow lady to sell. Anybody out there that could help me with the valve clearance I would sure appreciate it. I have googled and come up with a possible .014" on intake and exhaust while hot. Anybody agree or disagree?? Thanks :confused3:
   / international 424 valve clearance.
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Answer my own post. Bought an on line manual.
   / international 424 valve clearance.
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Another question on this International 424. The 3 point will pick up a couple of hundred pounds with no problem but I have to get high rpms in order to pick up a 5' rotary mower. Once it picks it up it will hold it up with engine off all day long. That tells me the cylinder and control must be in good condition. I have cleaned the suction strainer, also orifice strainer, and put in new fluid.

Finally, the question. Could it be anything other than a worn pump?

Anyone ever torn one of the pumps down to see if repairs could be made? Thanks, Winston