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Apr 24, 2019
Sparta, Ga
IS MT125
Hello all,

I am about to purchase a new MT125, but noticed there is a new loader model LL1101. The bucket looks a little like a skid steer quick attach, but not quite. It is almost like they started to go that route but stopped. Any idea on what the real difference in the old LL1100 and LL1101 is?

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Not a clue...first time hearing of it. I know LS is changing all the loaders in the XG series.
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I "think" it's a dual mount, pin on or quick attach
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Yea appears to be a quick attach bucket, so no real useable function at least for me.
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This may seem like a ridiculous question, but due to mixed information from a dealer I am working with I have a similar question as joeg72 had. The dealer stated that the QA is not compatible with universal skid steer attachments ... anyone else have any information of the like?
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Those small sub compacts just have to small of a loader for a SSQA. The SSQA would probably be wider than the loader arms, and they don’t really want people putting big attachments on the front of a sub compact machine due to liability issues. Most SSQA attachments would tax some small tractors before even trying to do any work.
A small lightweight set of pallet forks or a very light grapple are about all I can think of that would be very useful on a machine that small.
Let’s face it, any attachment you have for a sub compact just isn’t going to be very useful for your friend to use on a skid steer anyway.
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Those small sub compacts j....

Thanks for the reply ... I get what you are saying, but the MT125 actually has more front loader lift capacity than my 3000 series JD has. What would actually be nice would be a mini steer adapter for the sub-compacts so that 100-250 lb rock buckets and such could be used. The MT125 is actually a perfect tool to use in smaller places that I cannot use the 3000 or L47 to get into ... it would be nice to be able to use even a 300 to 400 lb connected SS device (which are available) that would work perfectly. I did happen to notice that Worksaver does make a lighter weight adapter for SS, but not for MSS ... I honestly believe MSS is about right for these tractors though.
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All, just wanted to wrap this up. My dealer added the SSQA from another tractor one size up. It has worked great for me and I if that no issues with full buckets of GA red clay, etc. I am sure I lost a small amount of lift capacity, but I don't notice it for my use. So far so good with the MT125.
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I have an LS MT125 with LL1100 Loader and the pin on bucket. I went to my local New Holland Dealer (I don't have an LS dealer with in 200 miles of me) ordered the SSQA system and bucket for the Workmaster 25S which is built by LS. It's the exact same machine. The SSQA system is a standard size and will hook up to all standard attachments. In fact we went out in their yard and hooked up a couple of accessories and locked on to them. The SCUT couldn't pick them up but it was locked on. I just bought it for my tractor and I think it will be a nice improvement.