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Aug 31, 2018
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I have a friend that purchased a new 1025r with belly mower, loader and canopy. In stock, took 3 weeks to deliver it. When they got, it has 32,6 hours on it. Not happy! And the canopy is so tall it will not go into their shed. Can anyone tell me how tall the tractor is with canopy? She says that it looks like it was made for another, bigger, tractor. Sticks out the back over the 3 point.
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Per TractorData, the 1025R is 86.2 inches high with the ROPS up. I don't know the canopy configuration but most are mounted below the top of the ROPS. Like almost all compact tractors, the 1025R will not go into a 7 foot garage door opening with the ROPS up.

Pictures always help. To the best of my knowledge, JD does not provide a canopy so it must be an aftermarket item.

An "in stock" tractor may have been used as a loaner while another tractor was being repaired. Any signs of obvious use?
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I have not seen it. But JD does show a canopy in their build on-line. The say the have ordered her a new tractor.
She is talking about having someone cutting the ROPS BACK to lower it. I told her, she should not, safety.
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I did find picture on-line and friend said it was the right one. It is Deere.
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They now have a new tractor. 3 hours. Had a friend cut the ROPS and lowered it 12 inches,
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