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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
In another thread, I mentioned I was building a stand for my 62D mower. I was thinking about buying one because they are not too expensive, but I realized standard hardware could be used and I already had some of the parts.

The photos below show the parts and how they are used. Harbor Freight had 8 inch wheels for $6 each with free shipping. The axles are 5/8 inch all thread rod (18 inches long). If I had my drill press operating, I would have used plain rod and cross drilled it for spring pins. The 5/8 rod fits standard wheels and is the right diameter for the 1/2" conduit I used for the spacers/sleeves. I used plastic conduit because I had some laying around and I think it will hold up. If I was starting from scratch, I probably would have used 1/2" metal rigid (not EMT) conduit. The rigid/plastic is about the right size to fit in the mower deck wheel housings.

The washer is to keep the axle from moving in the housings. Oh, yeah, you need to use at least 8 inch wheels because of how far the locking levers stick out. Nothing revolutionary here, but it's a little different from the others I've seen. It's about $35-40 in parts and takes about 15 minutes to build.

The last photo shows how I lift the mower deck. I wish I had a more elegant solution for this but it works. I suppose it can be lifted by hand but I bought the tractor so I can lift less, not more. :thumbsup:


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