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Jan 11, 2017
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I put this under oil & fuel because that was my first thought the reason behind the beeping was. I was out running the JD 2155 last weekend, had it running for about an hour, cleaning out some brush behind the house. Then I moved around front to carve out some hillside around a stump. Then in gear, clutch out, I heard a warning beeping. It stopped with clutch in & H-L in neutral. Starts as soon as I put in Low. I checked engine oil it was fine, fuel seems to be OK. My gauge cluster is dead, so I don't have any warning lights ( that's next on replacement list). I have heard there is a coolant temp warning beep, I'm starting to think that's what it was? No mention in owners manual, & the shop manual should be here Tuesday, but I thought I'd check with you fine folks in the meantime.
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There is a beeper for the parking brake when transmission is in gear. Check to make sure the parking brake is completely disengaged. If it is, then the switch may be bad.
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I've never used the e-brake, maybe I accidentally hit it with my foot? I will look there first. Thank you JD110