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Gomer pyle

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May 21, 2015
Murfreesboro, TN
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I'm looking at a 2630. It is a 2 owner tractor. First owner put a short block in in '02 and did clutch, hydro pump, trans pump as preventative. It has 960 hrs since new motor. Second owner did reman injection pump, lift pump, reman injectors.
It seems like a lot has had to be done but not sure about reason for motor. Anything I need to look at specifically? What is a fair price?
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unfortunately without know the whole history of the tractor its a guessing game to figure out why. but Recently I ran into a Tractor I wanted to buy with a similar history. but it wasn't til the next day I went to commit to it I found out the rest of the story. And by then they had sold it a hour before. it was a steal of a deal once the story was told. The original owner had died, and the tractor was in a barn from the mid 70s when he had past til 1999. the 2nd owner bought it with 700 hrs on it. being it sat for so long he was concerned the seals were dry rotted and had the engine and transmission, and hydraulic pump rebuild with only 700 hrs on the clock. he then proceeded to have a newer front end loader installed. then put another 400 hrs on it from 1999 to 2022. then he sold it to a dealership or traded it in ( I can't remember thst detail) . the tractor was prestine . and the dealership had all the documentation with it. it was the 1 that got away. some people do things for reasons that make no sense to us. but does to them.
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I suggest to check color of hyd oil to determine if it's milky due to presence of H20. JD utility tractors built between '65-'92 have a long history of failed shift lever boots allowing water to enter hyd reservoir. Also check PH of engine coolant to determine if it's acidic which can cause electrolysis which can create erosion holes in cylinder liners.