Price Check John Deere 401c with loader and backhoe, well maintained.

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Nov 1, 2023
Kubota L3250, Iseki G152, John Deere 401c
I am looking at a tractor, it looks to be in excellent condition with all new hoses, seals. There are a few smaller issues that I can see, a leaking fuel line, cannot determine last fluid change nor screen clearance. I have not actually touched the tractor yet so I can't verify function or engine strength. I don't know much about JD 401's and the difference between A,B,C, D and one that I saw was a CD?!?

I am looking for opinions on what to look out for, like the 301 has clutch issues that cause it to not move forward, or fill in the blank series have problems with locking pin socket failures, etc.

I would also like to know what a tractor in that condition in the midwest should run. The only prices I could find for any 401c machines were 10 or more years ago.

Thanks for any information and help you can provide.