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Oh to the OP he was asking 4500.00 with a banged up woods mower on back. 2wd and no power steering. And 1200 hrs.

Ugh. It doesn't sound like the right one to start with at all. There are lots of those out there. If you want a loader - and it iseems the most handy of all implements - then I think that power steering is a necessity, and 4wd nearly as important. We had three tractors with loaders and no power steering and never again.
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There is a good private FB tractor group Deere 655 670 755 750 etc group which would be a great place to sell your backhoe, and or your whole rig. Pricing advice too.
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A little history. I purchased a new JD 750 in 1987. I ordered it with the JD 60" mid mower and JD 59" front snow blower and the power steering. It was $12,200 in 1987 dollars. It was always garage kept and had 1200 hrs. approx. on it. There was not a mark on it after 19 yrs. I traded it in on a new 2006 JD compact tractor/ 4320. The dealer gave me $8500 as a trade in. The dealer already had it sold before I traded it in. Just some info.
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I forgot to mention that it was 4 wheel drive with turf tires
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I've got a question for you all regarding pricing for a tractor I'm looking to sell. It's a mid-1990s Kubota model B7100 with a front loader and a dmvfoam backhoe attachment. This compact tractor runs on a 3-cylinder diesel engine with around 17 horsepower, and it has approximately 1,800 hours on the clock. Mechanically, it's in good shape, starts reliably, and all functions work as intended. Cosmetically, I'd say it's in fair condition, showing some signs of wear and tear. It recently received a new alternator, a fresh coat of paint, and the hydraulics were serviced. The rear tires are worn and could use replacing, and there's a minor hydraulic leak from one of the backhoe cylinders. I'm contemplating fixing the leak before selling it, but I'm wondering what a realistic price range would be for this tractor in its current state. Regards
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Is it all kubota brand FEL and BH? If so I'd guess $8-10K range depending on the market where you are and if there isn't a lot of play/slop in the FEL or BH pins.
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I have a 750, not as optioned up as yours. Price will vary by market, so keep that in mind.

I will say that parts are getting difficult to find for these and they are no way near as desirable as newer sub compacts so keep your expectations realistic.

See link as an example, this is a 5 year old tractor with lower hours, yours is almost 35 years old.

You would make the most money by selling the backhoe separate from the tractor/loader combo.
With tractors, unlike cars and trucks, age means nothing so long as they are properly maintained. In fact, older units retain their value better than new ones.