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Don't make any assumptions. Do your research. Don't believe anything a seller tells you. I am not a big fan of AG loaders. I am sure there are a lot out there with very worn front axles.
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Extremely hard to find an OEM loader in the used market. Then what kind of shape is it in, what price and where is it located?
It's expensive to buy a new aftermarket one, if there is even one made for your unit.
Not a good strategy.

So basically you both are saying buy a new tractor lol
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just like a car or anything mechanical, its going to be hard to find parts for old stuff, and you can tell how things were treated by talking to the owners and seeing their other equipment. if and old tractor runs and drives properly, the cylinders don't leak, etc.. you can probably get a lot more use out of it.
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I see them from time to time. You might have to work backwards. Find a loader and then the tractor. I know I would. But then, I always seem more willing to do more to get more than the average Joe.
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I sold my 770 to a neighbour with belly mower and front blower. I could have got a 70 (I believe) loader for that a few times since.

Or get a FEL and figure on getting a new axle, if nothing else. I could probably get a loader before I found a good, used axle. lol
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haha goodness what a lot of information to take in! i am going to explore all of my options. My local dealer also gets in the refurbished Yanmar tractors. They are imported and refurbished whcih im sure you guys know about. This might be a good route for me to go too. They got a shipment in today actually. From what i have seen, yanmar are easy to get parts for. Id love to find a used kubota 28 HP for that 9k range but that hasn't happened yet!
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I am definitely willing to do the needed work to get the best setup for the money. That JD 790 i looked at today had a broke front axel that had been welded on!