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Apr 15, 2019
Hello all. I wanted to get your opinions on a potential JD 790 purchase. My neighbor passed away and his wife is selling his tractor. The tractor is a 2003 790 with 300 FEL, 60 inch mower deck, rear blade, and I believe man basket add on. The tractor has approximately 750 hours and appears to be 4 wd... there is a shifter on the front left (when seated) that appears to have symbols indicating such. I have about 6 acres that I now with a ferris 2100z but have a long gravel lane that needs heading and plowed in the winter. I also have other landscaping and land management tasks I will use it for. My neighbor left instructions to ask the bundle for 12k. Thoughts? Thanks for the help!
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If its in good shape not beat up 12k seems like a good deal..
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$12k seems pretty good to me (and also.
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If this is the same fellow that posted on GreenTractorTalk, he ended up buying the tractor. Now we need pictures!
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Correct. Pics or it didn't happen. That's the rule...
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Sorry for the late it is...ended up having pallet forks too...nice surprise! Enjoying playing around with it so far. Thanks for the input.


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Nice to see you back; that's one clean machine, and having that JDQA is a blessing when swapping out attachments for the loader.
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I'm very happy with it so far. I actually just picked it up yesterday...and issues getting schedules to align. Already finding a bunch of uses for it. Pallet forks have been a nice addition.
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Congrats. Nice looking 790. Having pallet forks is like having an extra pair of hands. Welcome to the family...