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Scot D.

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Jan 11, 2009
I am looking at at mid 90's John Deere 970 w/ a 440 loader, 9 x 3 transmission, power steering, Cab and Heater w/ around 1000 hours. I will be using for mowing my field (4 acres) and putting in food plots. I don't expect a lot of loader work so I am not too concerned about it not be hydrostatic. I am wondering how capable this machine will be (what size implements will it run?) and what I should consider offering.
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Welcome to TBN, Scot. Great place - good people.

I had a 970 tractor-loader-backhoe for about 3 1/2 years and wished I still had it...

I'm guessing that your field is an established grass-mix that doesn't have alot of small trees, brush or heavy vines, etc. If that's the case, the 970 will easily power a 6' rotary cutter (brush-hog) or if you don't let the grass grow to 2'-3'; it will handle a 7' finish type mower as well.

And depending upon the type of soil you have; the 970 will run a 6' rototiller or a 6' disc harrow (7' disc if not a HD one) for food plot work, too. I've got a JD 660 tiller (pretty heavy duty) 5' tiller and the 970 hardly knew it was hooked up most times.

Long and short -- I think that the 970 will power most 6' implements in most conditions. Obviously, some attachments are way heavier duty than others and real estate across the country varies from rock, sand or heavy clay - so, that's not an absolute recommendation.

I haven't looked around at current 970 prices; so, I don't have a price range in mind that would be a fair offer... My advice would be to check on these sites to help yourself with some ideas regarding "starting prices" before final negotiations.

Look here - Used Tractors at John Deere Tractors, used farm tractors and farm equipment, Case IH, New Holland, Agco, Caterpillar. and here - Sales Barn - MachineryLink

Best of luck.

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Scot - is the 970 you're lookin' at a 4x4? Huge difference in capabilities - IMO - and cost, too!
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My 4x4 1070 is a 970 with an extra cylinder in the motor (8+ hp). I easily run a 9' haymower/conditioner with it. The machine frame is strong, trailers easy, easy to service and runs any cat 1 implement. I also run a 7' LandPride finish mower with it and a 7 1/2 PU truck snow plow. The machine needs a full set of front weights for the heavier 3 pt stuff (cement mixer for example) and for front traction. You can get a mid pto kit for it if you want a mid mount mower, but that did not work out well for me (hard to add and remove the mower for hay baling). FWD is a must in my opinion for any dirt operations. Ag tires, too, although lawn friendly tires are a common option. In my experience, changing the only the front tires to turfs is all you need to do to save your lawn because turning around is the culprit, not traveling straight. I've been thru a few batteries and voltage regulators (maybe due to welding implements while attached to the hitch) but no longer is this a problem since TBNers pointed out the need to disconnect the battery terminal. There have been some comments about critical parts being no longer available but all my dealers get maintainence stuff for me next day.
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Mine is a 1998 970, 4x4 and I paid $15,000 3 years ago. With a bucket and back hoe. Works great.