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jim jroftx

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Oct 25, 2023
Hubbard Texas
john deere jd400 backhoe
hello im new here i have a john deere jd400 backhoe i need info. on the motor plate # m53tw serial# 173253T i need to know what motor and yr ... thanks guys i need a major motor rebuild kit. and can i get one that needs to be over bore
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Is your tractors engine diesel or gasoline powered?

If diesel factory engine CID is 202 but can be increased to 219 cid with installation of correct pistons & liners. If you wanted to change engines a 276 cid engine will fit.
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Sorry, it is a diesel. if changed to a cid 219 I can use my old crank? I am going to have to have the crank turned ( if it is still usable) My machinist told me to get a rebuild kit that I can get different size bore because he dont know how much he will have to turn it. I have not a clue what i need or where to get it. This is all new to me.. I do know good help is hard to find in my part of the world. The machinist said he can get to my motor in 4 months so I have a little time to find everything I need to put my backhoe back to work. Tx Jim Thank you so much for any and all the help you have to share with me.
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You're welcome. Crankshaft & CID will have no affect on your engine. You will need to access a special tool to align timing gears when crankshaft is re-installed in block. Is your tractors engine block serial # below or above 104241?