Just ordered my RK-55!

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Feb 19, 2019
Heath, OH
New member here. Long time lurker, new registered member.

After a couple of years of doing without a good tractor, (but doing lots of research), I finally pulled the trigger a few days ago and ordered the setup I wanted.

I ordered a new RK-55 shuttle shift open-cab with trailer, FEL, backhoe, back blade, landscape rake, post hole auger, finish mower, Box Blade, and pallet forks. R1 Ag tires filled with Rim Guard, and both the front and rear configured for a wider stance. I need the stability on the hills in Southern Ohio.

I live in a log home on 5 wooded acres in the Heath area, and own 83 recreational wooded acres in southern Ohio.

I looked long and hard, and did a lot of research. I bought just a little bigger (HP and weight) than I felt that I must have, and got the setup through RK almost 33% cheaper than the closest name brand tractor folks for a machine that had less capabilities. Now I have to wait for a week to ten days for the tractor to arrive.

The service before the sale from the Heath RK guys (Bill and Kurt) was EXCEPTIONAL and contributed significantly to my decision. I felt like I was putting some of the local dealers out when asking for a quote, and even had to chase some of them down (recently under new management, but using prior people) when asking for a quote. The RK guys literally spent HOURS with me showing the their equipment, their service area, demo ride, answering questions, etc. I'm very mechanically inclined, so will be doing the majority of service myself.

I've seen a couple of other folks on here from my area with RK's, and would appreciate any additional feedback you'd have for me. Other than re-checking all the fluid levels, (including gear box in the finish mower), and getting familiar with the tractor and implements...any suggestions for things to do early on after taking delivery?

Thanks in advance.

And thanks to everyone who posts on this forum overall. A lot of my research was reading up on all of the postings here. It was very helpful. This site is an amazing resource.
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Congratulations! And welcome to the forum. Nice to have some more Buckeyes represented. We've had our RK55 for almost a year and a half and couldn't be happier with it! It was our first tractor. I've used and driven tractors many times in the past, but never owned one myself. This one has been absolutely worth every penny.

As far as things to look for when first getting it... Check all your hydraulic hoses. Make sure they are all tight. I punched a hole in one on my fel and when I went to replace it, noticed it was only hand tight. So I started checking the others and found 2 more that were loose. A little thing, but... Also, I went around and greased everything just to make sure. Implements for sure, but also the tractor itself. I've used it for mowing, cutting in a drive, spreading dirt/gravel and digging a few trenches. An electrical line, a drainage line and I'm in the process of digging a 500' water line. Awesome machine! You're going to love it!
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Thank you RTBee, and cdb2 for the welcome. I've read posts from both of you as part of my research. RTBee...my property is down near Jackson, Ohio. (Wellston). I see you are in Southern Ohio...anywhere close? How are the 55's on the hills when mowing? That's great advice about lubricating everything and checking all of the hose connections. Thank you.
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Pretty close! We're just south of Oak Hill, near the Decatur Volunteer Fire Station. Most of the hills we have are wooded and the stuff we mow is fairly flat. But we've got lots of old logging trails thru the property that we want to clear. It's very stable on the hills we've been on. I've got R4 tires, filled but not widened. It does very good. I doubt you'll have any problems. Pretty heavy tractor, that helps. We're getting a thumb for the backhoe this weekend and getting real close to ordering a grapple for the front. Lots of fun projects.
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Yeah. That grapple was tempting. Having just bought such a full package though, I couldn't comfortably fork over the extra cash at this time for it. Will use pallet forks as a limited substitute. The backhoes now come with a mechanical thumb installed. I had a chance to see one in person at RK before purchasing. Extremely heady duty and I have no doubt it will stand up well. But would've been nice to have been hydraulic.

Has anyone been able to find a parts manual online for these? Either from RK or TYM? I sure would feel better with access to a parts manual should I need to order anything in the future.
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A quick note to RTBee on that grapple... it requires the third function remote valves as well as the grapple. RK sells the third function for $795. I don't recall what they quoted me to install it on the new tractor. But that $795 is in addition to the cost of the grapple. Great tool. Just go into the purchase with eyes open.
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Yeah, I've been talking to them about it for awhile now and also Doug (RK Tractor Guy). Not a cheap upgrade, but with all the trees/brush, trail clearing and such that we need to do, I think we'll be glad we made the investment. I think we're going with a thumb (which wasn't available when we purchased ours) and pallet forks for now and then probably this fall for the grapple.
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I did purchase the grapple with my 55. Great for picking up logs and moving piles of brush.
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