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Probably should be in a spring thread but spent the weekend up north, stored my snow machines for the summer even though they were not used up there never even took them out, or even off the stands, anyways Regressed, and dumped some two stroke down the cylinders was going to drain yr old gas then I realized no place to put this drained gas, this fall I filled up several 5 gallon cans and a 14 gallon plastic gas caddy in anticipation of a great snowmobiling year. 😠 so I got my mowers and sxs running ready to mow and explore this summer, lol. In any case I'll hopefully be ready to sled next year. Plow and tire chains remain on my snow removal equipment til May. Pic taken today from my homesick camera. It was over 50 degrees up there today according to my weather app. 😔


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ArlyA, what's happening up there? Temps dropped 40+ degrees today and blustery. Where's spring. Been a bummer for snowmobiles. Jon
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Well for once they got it right. They said the El Nino years tend to be warmer and less snowy in the northern tier of the country, seems like that has come true.
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Your last picture ^^^^ seems like your pup is looking back and saying "hurry up" :cool: .
He was told to be there. That's why in most photos they are looking at me for orders, or bolting since they were released.