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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Not to sure the wife is gonna let me install it this way :D :D :D



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I was just wondering where that guy from Hawaii has been.
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Is it a wood pellet stove?

Is a fireplace really necessary in Hawaii...?
How cold does it get down there, 50-60F...:D

Those forks sure do save your back though.
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Looks like a LPG bottle on the lefft and a hose to the fireplace. Gas stove.

Even if it is sitting at 50 degrees outside then you'll want some heat.
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My wife had a short list of what the new house MUST have:

Swimming pool

Not in any priority order, just equal. The garage is currently my cabinet shop.:D :D :D

Livingroom f/p (HeatNGlo Twilight - Indoor/Outdoor) was installed 1st, today the master suite. Tomorrow the other 2 bedrooms. Probably won't get started on the swimming pool until later this summer.:( :( We still haven't passed final inspection - still awaiting our solar(PV electric) permit.

It does get down to a chilly 58-59 for us. We are at 1100ft elevation, on windward side. Usually is a damp chill when it does and usually blowing off snow covered Mauna Kea. We still have snow up there as I type.

These units are indeed LP. I bought them on mainland and shipped with our stuff almost 3 years ago. Would you believe the LP conversion kits had the wrong orifice? Just got correct ones yesterday. We don't have any significant amount of wood on our property as it is formerly sugar cane. Probably grow enough guava and eucalyptus limb trimmings to keep a firepit running. Currently burning ohia in my smoker, but I had to get it from someone.

If curious as to why burning them on the pallet forks. Two plus years in storage did no favors moisture-wise. Had considerable surface rust which I cleaned off and then repainted. I wanted to burn off the paint outside before installation. It worked.

Pallett fork are indeed handy. I used Kioti w forks to unload and position the larger HeatnGlo fireplace also.


EDIT to add: Wonder why my pics get rotated ???


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Hey David,

Looks good.. I still find it funny when I'm on the big island and they burn ohia. I know it everywhere their, but it is such prized wood every where else in hawaii. It's not Koa or sandlewood, but it's not to far behind it. It's an amazing wood. I used it as legs on a mango slabe table I made last year.

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sodamo said:
EDIT to add: Wonder why my pics get rotated ???

Hey David,

I've only seen horizontal pictures posted. I believe you turned your camera vertically to take the picture? My hunch is the photo program here at TBN only recognizes the horizontal format regardless which way the camera was held.


Edit: Scratch that hunch. I just noted a vertical picture in another thread.
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You're so right Joe. Ohia is amazing wood. I bought a few hundred board feet that were kiln dried in Hilo and I'm using for various projects. It's all 1.5 inch rough cut, 6-8 ft lengths. I put it through my joiner, planer, table saw. VERY hard. I've broken about half dozen drill bits and probably 2 dozen square drive finish screws of various lengths. I used it to trim out all my concrete counters (approx 40ft). Also the trim and mantel for the livingroom fireplace (pic attached). I will use it for the upper counter (bar height) of kitchen counter, band my cabinet doors and drawers, edge my open shelving.
I also hope to make a headboard for our bed.

We also have two main support columns that are Ohia. Took my wife about 3 days to sand and we will oil finish.

What I burn is all my scraps and some old logs I got from someone who had them laying in his yard for quite a spell, so not in very good shape.

Of course, all get moved by my Kioti.



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