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Sep 8, 2014
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Saw a Kioti LK3054 advertised. Text says the BH is "frame mounted NOT a 3pt hitch" making it better.

Question is, is that so? Is it frame mounted? Is there also a 3pt hitch?
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Good Question. And I think the answer depends on year the LK3054 was built. I do not believe Kioti was doing fabrication and marketing of Daedong backhoes when this model LK3054 was first available in 1993. Toward the end of the model life, Daedong did indeed start frame-rail mounted backhoe fabrication for the LK30 tractor line in 2001, giving two years of that model line access to Daedong backhoes.

Some tractor owners may have also built their own custom frame and rail mounting for Woods backhoes who did market backhoes for the early Kioti LK30 tractor line. At no point, did Daedong market a 3pt backhoe, but Woods certainly did.

Avoid 3pt backhoes at all cost.
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My LK3054 had a FORD/New Holland frame mount backhoe, and it worked, great.
My neighbor has it now and still going strong.
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I had an lk 3054 with an factory frame mounted backhoe. I. The frame is 5 foot long and pins into the back of the loader and another bracket behind the rear axel. With that being said it sucks to install if your not on pavement everything needs to be dead level and square. There is not much room for errors as the hydraulic valve is an inch away and not properly protected
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I have a CK25 HST, the frame mounted bh is definitely a pita to install, two people makes it a lot easier to install and the concrete floor in the pole barn doesn’t hurt either!☮️✌🏻
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My LK3054XS is frame mount and I really like the design and super strong And tight to the machine.

Level ground helpful as stated

I crib mine when off the machine.