Kioti Rotary Cutters?

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Aug 27, 2016
LS XR4145
Anyone have any experience with Kioti rotary cutters? Looking at a standard RC2060 with 2” cut capacity but really don’t know what they’re rep may be like. Surprised they run about the same price as the Rhino TW series I’m also eyeing. Any input from those that may have used the Kioti?
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My Kioti dealer in Paige carries Rhino TW series.
Did not even bother to ask about the Kioti series or why they do not carry them.
The TW 26 6' cutter with 2" cutting rating is a very nice cutter.
I would say the same probably of any 6' cutter though of any make.
It covers the rear wheels and leaves a nice finish. Ran over a few sapling stumps hidden by the winter grass and heard a slight thump-thump and never slowed down.

So supposed most any quality built cutter nowadays would server the user well.