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Aug 18, 2003
Hello all,

New to the board and happy to be here. I currently have a 1941 9N and I am looking to purchase a new machine. I am looking at the Kioti DK 35 with a 1450 loader and a Century 2535 with a c-50 loader. price is close to the same with the Kioti being slightly higher. The Century looks to be at least as good if not marginally better by specs and personal inspection. The Kioti seems to have a very good rep, and the Century none. what are the goods and bads of either machine?

Thanks Chris
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Look at my review of the century 3045 here in this forum. I have over 70hrs on mine now and it is a very solid tractor. The 2535 is the basic same tractor only with a smaller hp engine and smaller tires. Just look at the specs. The c-50 fel is second to none. The frame is the full length of the tractor. you will never split the housing on that tractor. If it will hold up on a 45hp tractor it will hold up on your 35hp. I didn't compare it to the kioti but did compare to green,orange and blue and the centurywas the best value.
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Hi Chris,
Where in CT are you? There is a Great Century dealer in Woodstock. Harold at Foskett Equipment. If he's close enough I'd go with Century. I am biased, I own a Century and love
it! Lots of us in New England bought from him and as far as I know we are all Happy. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Have fun shopping, whichever you pick!
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When I was looking back in January, this is what I thought about Kioti. First, excellent machines--tough, heavy and well built. I liked the deck much better on Branson/Century because it was roomier. The only advantage I think Kioti has over B/C is the option of a mid-mount pto, if you need one. Otherwise, I thought B/C had more features. My main reason, however, was that Kioti was much higher in price nearly everywhere I looked. I liked the fit and finish of the B/C better, too. Good luck.
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I will second John's recommendation for Harold at Foskett's equipment. I purchased my Century 3045 there also. Harold is a real straight shooter and stands behind the equipment he sells.

I live in Ma on the NH border and Harold drove all the way up here to straighten out some paperwork on my loan!