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Keeping with the Kioti vs. Irene theme, here are some before and after cleanup pics.

We have. . .had a white oak behind our house. As the wind blew, you could see the ground around the base of the tree rising and falling - really high pucker factor watching that. My wife and I quickly evacuated as much as we could from that side of the house (guns, food, favorite hat, etc.) and held our breath. That little white outbuilding is a former summer kitchen that houses our oil tank, grill, smoker, yard tools, etc. Not five minutes later, a sustained gust pushed the tree down clipping the summer kitchen, pulverizing a pin oak and shaving the side off of a tall holly tree.

We have a generator but had to clear a path to get it to the house. (It's heavy). It took the full arsenal: CK20HST, Stihl chainsaw (my bday present in July!!), lawn tractor and cart, rakes, hand saw, maul, wedge, axe . . . I plan to run my Cyclone Rake XL over all the leaves this weekend to really finish things up.

I cut while my wife used the FEL to move the larger pieces to the woodpile. Later, I bulldozed piles of limbs as large as the tractor downfield to be sorted then pushed further into the woods.

The best part: we had all this gear fueled up and already on hand - no desperate trips to the hardware store for batteries or such.

To quote my favorite Texan: "Yes, we are going to have fun. But you know what's not fun? Being unprepared." (Hank Hill of Strickland Propane).

Anyway, here are the photos.


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Up here in Vermont, we were told to expect some wind and some rain. Some rain turned out to be nearly a foot in 4 hours, but very little wind.

My town, Wilmington, took a direct hit and the flooding was brutal. Our village is still under curfew and open to business owners only. The roads all around Vermont have been devasted. You really can't get there from here.

I wish I could have sent some of the rain to the southern US.

I have used my CK 30 for some road repair, and cleaning of culverts since the end of the storm. Thankfully, no trees came down or major damage to my or my neighbors properties.

Our village currently has much bigger tractors and equipment (Thank you National Guard) repairing our infastructure.

With a little luck we will see some sort of "normal life" in a few weeks.