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Mar 1, 2015
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I'm looking at a ck3510 or ck4010 both have the same loader. The lift capacity at the pins is 1835 lbs. I can't seem to find a spec for 24 inches. What I'm trying to figure out is will that loader lift a pallet of between 1200 and 1400 lbs using pallet forks off the back of a truck? It is not something I will be doing often, but it is a deal breaker for me. Any experience would be appreciated.
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Using this write-up as a reference I calculate that you're going to be barely able to lift the 1200# (70% of 1835# is 1284#)

To reach 1400# at "bucket center" you're looking for a pin capacity of at least 2000# and that's dead on. For some "breathing room" I'd look for closer to 2300# at the pins to get you a little over 1600# (1600# calculates out to 2286# at the pins)

Hope that helps, I haven't been a real engineer since college.
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Thanks N2DFire. It has been too many years since college physics for me.
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Not to muddy the waters but here's a few thoughts.

Will you be using forks off the bucket itself or drop the bucket and use forks directly? If so that will make a significant difference to the lifting capacity. (and if you're going to use the forks a lot I'd strongly recommend not using them off the bucket - I do both and can tell you it's much nicer not using them off the bucket. not just load capacity but maneuverability, safety.)

Also, when you lift a pallet off a truck consider how high off the ground the deck is? Then consider at what height the max capacity of the loader is rated at. (I haven't looked it up for the loader in question.)

And also consider that when you go to lift the pallet you can roll back the pallet a bit and that will actually put a small portion of the weight behind the pins which will allow the loader to lift a little bit more weight.

Also consider all the other tasks you'll use the tractor for - I've no idea what you'll be using it for but for myself while there's times I'd like to be able to lift a bit more with my forks for everything else I wouldn't want a bigger tractor for my property - and there's been times I've given serious thought to that very question and at the end of the day I always come back to the fact that it's the perfect size and larger would be more of a hindrance.

Hopefully some one who has the loader in question can demonstrate a known weight being lifted because that will give you a real world answer. I can tell you my tractor (Ck20s rated to lift around 1100lbs at the pins) can easily pick up a 55gallon steel drum full of concrete on a pallet. Math says that's conservatively over 800lbs. So that's roughly 73% of the rated capacity. (and given how easily it lifts it I know it'll lift more. I've maxed out it's lifting capacity so I know how it handles when it's at the max.)

73% of 1835lbs is 1340lbs. So while this is all conjecture my guess is you'd be able to do it. Like I said hopefully some one can prove me right/wrong.

To sum up consider the bigger picture and what you'll use the tractor for. Would a bigger tractor be helpful for all tasks? Then go bigger and you won't have to even think about it, and it's sure nice not operating at the max capacity. If you're trying to save money by not buying bigger then hopefully some one will give you a real world test.

Hope that helps.

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Everhard: I will be using SS forks not bucket bolt ons. I have been debating on tractor size. Smaller has some advantages. Im not sure if I have good enough reasons to go bigger. Thanks for your help
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For those still searching the internet for this answer:
In this video a man claims to have loaded 1520lbs worth of red oak at Toyota Tacoma truck bed height.
Of course properly ballasted with about 800lbs in the rear.

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Lol poor Tacoma! But that aside great real world demo. You could see when he had it lifted where there 4 foot width was across the forks the loader was working but well in it's limits for the height raised, and could easily go a fair bit higher. When he switched it so the 4 foot length was in line with the forks it was definitely starting to get closer to maxed out - which he then verified at the end of the video when he says it wouldn't have got it much above the top of the sides of the bed.
Shows the difference of having all that extra weight further out from the pins.
Still given the claimed rating at the pins if that was my tractor I'd be happy with that capability.

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Has anyone tried lifting a pallet of wood pellets with their CK? More accurately, can it do a controlled descent from a pickup with it? I have a backhoe or wood chipper for a heavy ballast
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No one has ever attempted to lift a pallet of wood pellets from their truck bed?
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If the loader has the capacity to lift it even an inch off the truck bed then it can be lowered in a controlled manner assuming the operator knows how to feather the controls lightly.

Also depending how close to the limits of the loader you're at when moving pallets - if you can tilt the pallet back a bit safely without the load on the pallet coming off then you will gain lift capacity. This can make the difference between not being able to lift the pallet even an inch off the truck bed to lifting it a few inches.

Do you know how much a pallet of wood pellets weighs?