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Nov 30, 2008
Lizella, Ga.
Ford 1700 4wheel drive, Yazoo/Kees Max2 Zero Turn
What is the normal high temperature for an engine? The reason I ask is a month back while cutting grass on my zero turn I smelled hot oil. Stopped and found the oil fill tube melted and oil splashing out. It is right next to the starter and the starter was so hot it would burn if touched.
I got the mower home, ordered new filler tube, changed oil and filter, removed shroud and checked for free airflow. Everything was clean for airflow. Now my delima, I cranked it up and cut just a little grass then checked the temp of the oil filter. It was hot to the touch. I need to run it again and get an actual temperature but I guess I am gunshy. The question is what temp should it operate at? What is too hot?
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Can you tell us what make and model the mower is that this engine is in ?

Have you owned this mower for some time ?

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Oil filter and engine sump will get quite hot. Normal oil temp on a small lawnmower engine is 275-300F. If it melted the oil tube something else is going on. Possible the starter solenoid or bendix stuck and the engine continued to turn the starter. That can get things hot. Never seen the starter get hot enough were you couldn't hold your hand on it unless something was causing it.
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I have had this mower for about 10 years. It is a 2004 Yazoo-Kees, Kohler Command Pro CV750. I tend to agree about the starter maybe not disengaging.
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That would make sense. You'd think the exhaust pipe would be glowing if you had a sheared flywheel key.