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Jun 14, 2017
Copley, OH
Kubota B2650
I've had a bx2200 (prob'ly year 2000) +FEL+MMM & for 16 years, and I've experienced a number of problems, tho' a remarkable number of peripheral hydraulic leaks. Not joyful work. I just reviewed, and from memory, I've replaced
- 3 long steel FEL tubes (~yr 5) - worn at the left frame bend.
- nearly all the FEL manifold flex tubes, often one-by-one, but I had the whole thing apart (~yr 12)
- replace one of the steering long steel tubes (~yr15)
- short steel FEL tube, wearing at it rubs against it's neighbor tube (yr 16, last week).
There is another short hard tube in the DOA bin - not sure which one.
The steel tubes on the FEL itself have never been an issue.

I *think* most of these problems can be attributed to low ground clearance (sticks poked up through, etc) and insufficiently rigid (wrt mounting) & exposed tubing - a Kubota design issue IMO.


So I'm looking for a replacement tractor w/ more clearance, better frame rigidity and w/ an eye on the hydraulic layout & mounting.

I was tire-kicking a B2650HSD at a dealership yesterday. It was nice to see the FEL connections points are mounted on a plate that is less exposed. The flex lines around the FEL manifold were also more protected. But then I was disturbed to see the 4 black steel tubes routed under the right foot area so close they are likely to rub. To prevent this they have a plastic snap-on clamps (parts 3F740-63200) to separate tubes (around the right heel area) but I popped a clamp off w/o intention just by pushing it w/ my thumb! Even a wrap of electricians tape might prevent those from leaping off - otherwise I may as well just throw a handful of those into my field right now. I couldn't get a good look at the hard tubes to the cooler, or the hydrau delivery tube routing but it's a worry too.

They didn't have a B2601 on the lot, but the drawings show very similar hydraulic layout & clamps, minus the cooler I think.

Took a quick look at a Kioti ?2510? and the FEL hydraulics look like all flex tubes, and they loop the left-foot area section down toward the ground and back up in a loop. Not a happy design I think.

Am I being a hydraulic hypochondriac ?
Should I just plan to make my own steel tubing clamp solution ? (I know I could do better)
Can anyone w/ some hours on a B26xx/B23xx comment on the FEl tube clamps ? Are they still there ?
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I'm just shy of 1,000 hours on my BX2230, bought new in 2005. So far, none of the issues you've described. One of the lift cylinders does weep a bit in cold weather, so I'll rebuild both of them one of these days. I've used my cousin's B2620 some. It's a bit larger than the BX and has more ground clearance. Something like that might work better for you. It sounds like you work your BX pretty hard, so stepping up to the B models should be an improvement. Generally good reports about Kioti's too, although fewer dealers.
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I have a 2000 vintage bx2200 with about 800 hrs. I've replaced all the power steering hoses and the flexible FEL hoses, but none of the fixed lines. I also have a 2650 and have managed to avoid any leaks so far. I don't worry about my hydraulic lines too much, but I don't have my tractors in the woods or in rough fields. If I did, I'd be putting on more screening. If you are looking at a 2650, don't look at the 3rd function valve location or you may need medication. Same for the boots on the front steering linkage. Kubota has them sitting outboard just waiting for a nice fat limb to ruin your day.
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Yeah even on the BX2200 the steering boots are designed to be ripped to bits. Also it looks like a load or work to replace.
Thanks for the comments.