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Apr 12, 2011
I have a KX121, it needs a new battery as the one in it is probably OE and no longer holds a charge. If I simply remove it and bring it to my local auto parts store..is it as simple as getting one the same size and making sure the posts are in the same orientation ? ..or is this going to have to be a trip to the dealer ?
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Take the old to your favourite battery pusher and get a new one.
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Any good auto parts store will have it. Either bring it in with you or take the numbers off of the top of the battery and call first to to see if they can match it up and to make sure they have one.
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I had intended to do just that today.. but it was 8* and one of the nuts holding the battery bracket was a big rusted and would have required some WD40 ..and work to loosen.. to **** cold for all that.. jump started it instead and built a small rock retaining wall. ..nice and warm inside lol.