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Sep 19, 2003
New Brunswick, Canada
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Are you driving the manure spreader through the barn aisle or just putting manure in the aisle and pushing it through with the loader?

I'm a fan of the grand-l's, have a 5030 myself. Either tractor should be fine really. I prefer the stronger loader always on a given tractor size, if you've not had one before, the loader will get used for hauling and moving stuff you never would have thought of before.

I have a much larger tractor with a loader that will lift almost 5000 lbs but the little 5030 is so nimble I used it 99% of the time.

The smaller tractor may be limited a bit in manure spreader size, the bigger chassis GL40 series is quite happy with a good size manure spreader, I haul a NH514 I think it is? Its about 12 ft long and 6 ft wide I'd guess.
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Jul 11, 2011
I recently purchased a Kubota L3800 with a loader and am very pleased with it. This is a very compact tractor, easy to use, plenty of power (38 HP) for doing small farm jobs. The hydro stat makes mowing and grading easy, no shifting gears and wasting lots of time. The 4 wheel drive is great, makes pulling and pushing easier, grading etc. I made a 25 gallon sprayer unit to fit into the front loader, runs off an electric pump and it works really good and aids in weed control on the hard to reach areas. The tractor is just what I was looking for.
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Apr 24, 2010
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I purchased a new 3940 HST-3 last August to work a 13-ish acre place with horses, pasture, and some woods. I went through the same process as you two in considering size. I have zero regrets in going with the bigger of my choices. I have reached just over 50 hours on the tractor and cannot complain, except that I simply don't get enough time home to use it.

With a 6 foot cutter on the back and the loader on the front, it IS a bit of a land yacht, but with the cutter on I am in the pastures/fields, and simply raise the loader to clear the fence when I turn. Without the cutter off, I have not encountered any mobility or manueverability issues.

If you are looking for advice, mine would be to go with the bigger tractor.

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