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Where I live Kubota and JD are the only game in town. My opinion is they have the best dealer net work and parts net work. They also cost the most.

If you look at 25 hp machines one advantage is the lack of emissions systems that can complicate things. That said get the machine you need.

Of the things you listed brush hogging 10 acres is a key item. I own a JD 2025r. 25 hp and it would pull a 5 foot wide brush hog, but that’s pushing it. If you are not in a hurry to get that cut that would work fine otherwise I’d look at a bigger tractor.

I’ve owned both Kubota and JD and have been happy with them. Prices are stupid high right now so I would agree looking at Kioti. I’ve never used one but have looked at them and they look like quality machines to me.
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Like Kubota, Kioti compact tractors sold in the USA are purported to be produced entirely in Kioti plants. Wheels and tires may be an exception.
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The JD model is 3025D.

"...suggest considering a 35-horsepower to 40-horsepower tractor rather than a 25-horsepower tractor."
Looks like Deere brought the old 790 (later it was designated 3005 for a couple years) back. Pretty close to the same specs...and transmission
I had a 5" Landpride cutter behind a 790 for several years. It did fine, but expect to slow down in thicker brush
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Thanks for all the replies, ya'll ! :)

"...a guy on a car forum I'm on is lookin to buy a new compact, in the just under 30hp class..."

He's been checkin 'em out & has narrowed it down to JD or Kubota. He thinks the L2501 Kub looks like what he needs. He going to a nearby dealer who sells both brands, & see if he can make a final decision.

I'll wait & see how he likes whatever he buys, & keep it in mind for when(if) I decide to buy another tractor.

I'll let ya'll know what he buys.
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Well, things changed. Discovered that a Shreveport dealer who had been selling Kubota, recently switched over to Kioti. TJ & I went over there Sat to take a look. They had a CK2610HST in the shop which they had just put together. They offered us a decent deal taking our Kioti in trade, so we took it.

Made the trade deal for $11k difference. They delivered today. The wife got some good seat time & really likes it. I think it's gonna be just right for us.

Has some of the new Good Year R14T tires on it. The delivery guy told me that they'd just got it a few days ago, without tires/wheels. Said that's the only way they can get 'em in weeks, rather than months. Said he has gone to GA as well as Southeast TX & picked up tractors, with no tires & wheels, & only partially assembled.

They just got this tractor put together & serviced out Fri. So, I suppose we were the 1st customers to see it, Sat morning. It was still in the shop.

It has a 3rd function valve up front, in case I ever wanna buy a grapple. But I have no plans to do so. The guy told me something I thought was interesting. He said Kioti insists that dealers fill the rear tires. Said it's because some guy overloaded the bucket, with no weight on the rear & was killed. Can't verify that. But anyhow, I think he said the tires are full of anti-freeze & water. He also filled the fuel tank with diesel, before he loaded it on the trailer.

Everything seems to work, including the beep beep horn. Haven't hooked up the bush hog yet. TJ agrees that she needs to get some more seat time, before I attach the cutter.


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Here's some pics from the seat. I like what I don't see in this 1st pic. There's no fuel filler cover. The tank is behind the driver's seat.

TJ is short, but can reach & operate the pedals just fine. I think this tractor is gonna work out real good, for us.


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Nice looking machine and nice looking place, get some dirt on that thing.
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Wow. . . Look at those Fancy Tires on that. Me Likes! ! ! Great lookin’ machine.
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Kubota has prioritized maintaining parts to dealers over assembling complete tractors. Mahindra has prioritized assembling new tractors over parts, according to my local Kubota/Mahindra tractor dealer.
That shows you right there what is the most profitable for them.