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Aug 6, 2007
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I'm looking at getting a Woods BH90-X backhoe for my MX5000. It has a Woods LC108 loader on it already.

My question is, is it better to purchase the PTO pump with the hoe for $1295 or run it off the tractor hydraulics? The tractor's pump is big enough to run it as far as I can tell but which way would the hoe run best?

Also, if I run it off of the tractor's hydraulics, what all is needed and what is the price difference (ball park) between the two options. I don't have rear remotes but want to do it the best way/most convenient way possible.

I can't seem to find much information on which way is better.

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Tractor hyd will provide more pressure.

If your FEL valve has PB, then you can run a hose from the PB back to the back and then provide another hose for the return to tank or from where you removed the PB hose.

When not using the BH, then just plug the two hoses together.

If yo have to add a pump and reservoir, then the cost would go up to about $800 more


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Thanks a lot for your response. That's exactly what I was looking for. However, how the hydraulics work are new to me. How do I know if my loader has the power beyond? If it doesn't then how do I add it?

My loader does have a third function/electric diverter tapped in. I can do more research on it to find out but I would imagine there is a kit I could buy and install it or is it something I need to have made up? One other thing, where would I run the return line back into the tank or better yet, how?
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Okay, I just looked at my loader's manual. It says the valve is set up for Power Beyond. Now I just need to make sense of it...
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If all you want to do is to run the BH, then make up a hose that will provide the PB out put from the FEL valve to the BH valve.

If you have the PB port, then there is an adapter to make that port a PB outlet.

If you have a PB sleeve installed, you will have 7 hoses off the FEL valve.

If your BH has PB, then you can connect the BH,PB out to where you disconnected the PB hose. This will provide a path for the fluid to the 3pt and then tank.

If your BH only has a return/tank line, then it can tee into any return line or go directly to tank via the fill cap with an adapter.

If you have the HYD block, you will need to find the OUT and the IN port on the hyd block and use that.
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J J,

Thanks for the info. its all starting to make sense now. However, my tractor's hydraulic pump puts out 9.2 gpm. The specs on the Woods BH90X show a flow rate of 9-12 gpm. Is this backhoe going to be weak or really slow with this flow rate?
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It should work just fine.
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Great news!