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Feb 10, 2011
I have some implements that I want to paint to match the tractor. I did a search and found some people are using allis chalmer orange, chevy engine orange, and valspar autumn crush. How close is the valspar tsc kubota orange? I think tsc is phasing out the valspar and going to majic paint, is it any good? Which of these would be the best match and hold up the best? How much is the a quart through kubota?
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I just picked up some Bright Orange II from a local Kubota dealer for touch ups on my L3800. The rattle can (7000-73713) was $12.18 and the quart (7000-73712) was $36.90. You can probably find it cheaper since my local dealer seems high on most things??? I have not used Kubota paint before, but have used paint from JD, New Holland, and Case-IH and have always preferred it over what I have bought at TSC. TSC colors have not always matched as well as factory and just seems to fade much quicker. Just my .02, but TSC paint is probably a lot more affordable.
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For touch ups to complete painting of different parts, Tractor Supply has spray cans of "Kubota Orange" and "Nerw Kubota Orange". Depending on the year of your tractor, pick the appropriate one. If I remember correctly, $5.98 a can.


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I just picked up two cans of Bright Orange II from Kubota. $11.40 per can. I've tried the close matches from WalMart, and they match pretty well, but the Kubota paint is just so much better quality. If it's an area that will see severe abrasion, I use Wally World, but other places, the Kubota paint is worth the erxtra cost.... To me, at least.
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I took the orange plastic knob off my throttle into Menards, they put it in their color match machine and custom mixed Rustoleum to match that and it looks identical to the tractor. Of course that matches a sun faded 7 year old orange, so yours might look different, but it matched mine perfect. If you bring in some part of your own you could get a better match. Here's the witch's brew they used on mine: Rustoleum Masstone Tint Base Gloss.

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ROrganic Red119111
TMedium Yell-371--
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Yeah, I think TSC is getting rid of the Valspar line. All the stock was on sale the last time I went in.
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Yeah, I think TSC is getting rid of the Valspar line. All the stock was on sale the last time I went in.

Saw the same thing at my TSC. I got some Deere yellow to repaint my mower deck, and it seemed to be good paint. I may go back and grab a can of Deere Green and Kubota Orange.

I only saw one Kubota color at TSC last time I looked, so I am not sure if it's the new or old orange.
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1 gal. Kubota orange at TSC is <$30 in Grand Forks.
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I ordered some genuine Kubota paint from the dealer so I know it will be good match.
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Orange Kubota paint from the dealer is more expensive than you might want to pay but it sure is good paint. A quart can go quite a long way and even though it says to spray it, I use a brush much of the time and it comes out fine (for a tractor). It's worth the $30/qt. if you ask me. The Kubota blue/gray color paint is less expensive but also is good paint. I paint the bucket on my machine with that color and it holds up well against the rocks banging against it all the time.