Kubota Xmas present?

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mjaybee said:
A quick hitch is invaluable. I have one on my B3200 and it makes implement change fast and easy. You can buy them between $70. and $150.

I second this one, a quick hitch for sure.
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Forks for sure! They are my useful accessory. Mine are from Bxpanded.
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Do you need to take the tooth bar off the bucket to use the forks?
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Kubota used to sell a metal model of the BX23. I bought 2 several years ago. One I gave to a nephew and it's long gone. They are really adult and not childrens toy, to fragile for rough work.:) The other one is still in the box that is still in the plastic bag that Barlows put it in when I bought it. You may find a dealer with one still in stock or a reseller or Ebay. If I didn't already have one I'd sure want one especially since I had a BX25, later model of the BX23.
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I have a 23 also, its well outfitted, but one thing that is the Achilles heal is the hydro fan protection, I don't think you mention it, but a skid plate will keep him in the drivers sear and money in his pocket. I have the brotech skid, brush forks, backhoe spade, and thumb.
The suicide knob is a must have, and the brush forks are very handy.
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The skid plate is a good idea.