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Jan 31, 2011
Great NorthWest /Southwest Washington
Kubota l245dt, l3540, 8N
I got me a new Grand 40 :) last year and so I didn't use the old l245 any this winter. Went to move it to the shop for spring clean up and it started right up, But, :confused: the clutch is stuck together, won't disengage when the clutch pedal is engaged. Any and all suggestions on how to get it apart without splitting the tractor are welcomed!:thumbsup:

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I purchase a used L275 DT 7 years ago and a similar thing happened. I was mowing on a hill where I would mow upwards going forward and then coast back, mow ahead, etc. Then while coasting back with the clutch in the tractor resumed going uphill all on its own.

Something had snapped inside (maybe forks?). Anyhow, I had the tractor hauled in and they replaced the clutch. I also took the opportunity to have them completely service it and check it over. They rebuilt the starter and replaced a couple of bushings on the steering I believe.

Although the clutch would not disengage, I was able to start it in neutral and could put it in low gear without the clutch to load it on the truck.
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block the clutch a few days .. sometimes they pop right loose..

if not, put it in high gear.. if a gear model, and then get in the seat and use whatever jumper scheme you need to do to just set there and bump the starter over repeatedly.. just bump it.. don't run it. locking the brakes may help. heck.. even engaging the pto, if mechanical, and having a load on it like a mower will all help. I unstuck a naa ford that had been stuck 7ys that way.. took 10 minutes..

post back..

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Hello moored4. When I get a stuck clutch, I put a groung engaging attchment on the tractor, and use it with the clutch peddle pushed in. The more load you can put on it the better. And use as high a gear as posible.