L2501 extra light wires?

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Apr 30, 2011
Jackson, NY
Kubota L2501
Does my '19 L2501 have a spare wire for work lights on the ROPS?
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Look under the left finder. I understand that it is all taped up but it is there.
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Yes, left fender is correct!
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You will find the connector under the left rear fender indeed. You will probably have to do a bit of research to find its mate - it's a bit pricey from Kubota. If you opt for a different light be advised the fuse is ten amps.
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You can avoid using the special plug -- use a small flat screwdriver to release the pins from the connector. I recall they are standard 1/4" blade type pins and you can connect to them individually with crimp on blade connectors.
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   / L2501 extra light wires?
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Thank you all so much. If/when I have the time I would like to add a couple of work lights under the roof I built.
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You definitely will not regret doing so. Mine come in handy when snow blowing and when backing into a dark barn after. toolbox.jpg
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I just did this to my 2501. Used 9 dollar surface mount cigarette lighter female with about a foot of wire attached . Mounted on the small cross brace the tool box sits on. mounted male spade connectors from auto zone to the wires and just plugged them in to the female connector under the left fender.Taped well for water resistance. plug is “hot” when you turn the key on. I just needed power for a sprayer.