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Jun 10, 2005
Deville, LA
2013 Kubota L3200DT
Including a picture here. In addition to the axle seals leaking I also have a leak on both sides of the shaft to the tie rods.

Do I have to drain my hydraulic fluid to take this apart? It appears to be the lowest point where two hydraulic lines go in, a design changed in later years because like me it doesn’t take much to bend those lines to near the breaking point.

I’m just thinking if I got a couple caps when I undid the hydraulic lines would save me from changing all the fluid in the tractor.

Yes? No? Have you ever changed these seals?

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You should not need to drain the fluid. Very little will be lost when you take the lines loose.
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Long as the tractor isn't running only the oil in the line will be lost
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Thanks, folks. I wasn't sure if there was anything tanked behind those lines.

You would happen to know the thread size for caps and plugs, would you?
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The steering valve is between the pump and that cylinder. You could use a shop towel rapped around the ends just to keep dust out. I don’t know what size or thread type those fittings are.
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While you're at it, please fix that weird kink in the hose for the steering cylinder. It's giving me the fits. 🤣
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While you're at it, please fix that weird kink in the hose for the steering cylinder. It's giving me the fits.

I confess I’m scared to touch it as it has been there over 25 years.
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Time to reopen this. I basically had other issues that kept me from finishing this. Like a jackstand collapse and me saying the hell with it.

Now after a couple months I find it necessary to work on it again which I have been this evening. But I’m stuck.

Same picture as above, but how the heck do you get the flange on one side off in order to pull out the steering cylinder? The WSM says to pull one flange off but the flange appears to be one piece and therefore won’t slide out.

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It will come off. You just haven't smacked it hard enough. Leave the bolts in on one side end smack the other side. One end cap or the other will come off and allow you slide the cylinder out.
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If you are just replacing the seals on the cylinder why not leave it on the tractor?

You should be able to remove both tie rod ends and remove the snap ring on both glands and the rod will slide out. Just use the rod like a slide hammer to remove the gland. Once the rod is out you can use a piece of wood or something through the cylinder to drive the other gland out.