L3700 sputtering

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Apr 12, 2011
I was out using the tractor this past weekend and it started to sputter and eventually stall. It would restart but sputter and stall again. As it was doing it, I hopped off and looked at the filter to make sure it was full and it was.. so I don't think it was a fuel problem ? .. it has happened in the past a few times.. very intermittent and I can not make it happen intentionally. Tractorwas completely serviced with filters , oils etc about 10 operating hours ago so filters are all good. Tractor has 230 +\- hours total. ..any ideas ? ... a while back ( last year) when it happened, it would not restart.. it acted like a dead battery but I knew it was not dead.. the starter would just click.. I reached behind the starter and jiggled the wire on the back..and it fired up...wondering if that wire is not making a good connection..but would that cause the tractor to sputter while it's running ?