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Dec 27, 2008
Gettysburg PA.
L 3940 HSTC
I'm looking to buy a new L3940 HSTC w/FEL and the 72"MMM. Does anyone know what a fair price is on this unit.
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Approx. 34k before taxes, etc. This is approx. 10% off msrp, which according to most folks is about what to expect. Just don't buy off price alone as a factor.
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Price is not the only factor I will use to make my choice. I have a dealer about 5 miles down the road, I would like to use him. I just want a ball park idea of what others are paying for a L3940 HSTC w/FEL and 72" MMM so that I can keep him honest. I don't mined paying a little more or less to use the local dealer, plus being able to use him for service would definitely be convenient.
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A local dealer here many times will sell at 15% off MSRP, although I would'nt consider it as a rule. A big plus is the service they provide is second to none.
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Just a suggestion.....steer clear of a MMM with a machine of that size. I have the same tractor and use a Woods PRD8400 (7' finish mower) attached at the rear 3-pt hitch and PTO. Once you have a MMM attached it's a long process to remove it if you want to do some other kind of work. It hangs low and may get in the way of working the FEL or other implement in uneven terrain.
Just my $.02 :D