Late model PT-425 users out there?

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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
Thinking about selling my 1999 PT-422 and buying a new PT-425. Would like to get some feedback from owners that have 2010 tractors and newer. Are they any better starting in the cold? Things you like and things you don't like.

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Hi Frank

I can't answer what they start better than...but mine has started fine through our recent single digits and has moved snow ably enough. I would prefer that my 2013 PT 425 were invincible, maintenance free and powered by humidity and grass clippings...other than those major short comings, it's a great machine.

Kidding aside, I love my PT425, it has been a great investment. I use it like a 1500# dirt facing swiss army knife. landscape maintenance at my campground, build and maintain 10 miles of trail, retrieving wayward neighbor kids (grapple, highly recommended)...all kinds of things.

I live just south of the PT factory. I'm through NJ in Late April en route to Nova Scotia, let me know if I can deliver your new PT I'll have a lot of space on the way up.