Leveling a barn site

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This ^^^ seeking advice on the internet. You start out asking how to replace a thermostat and end up with advice on getting the motor bored and balanced :oops::D:ROFLMAO:
His tractor being smaller might be a little light for wheel rolling.
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My guy did it with a large skid loader last year.

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Up here we don't build them even with the ground, because of frost. My 40x60 is on a raised sand pad, but the back end is on a hillside,

I had to use 400 yards of compacted sand.

A friend of mine bought a house with a pole barn that was even with the ground and the concrete is cracked and the barn itself is coming

apart in some places.


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Moving the dirt isn’t the problem, compaction is. Needs to be compacted in 3” to 5” layers with plenty of water to ever think about being done right.
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Moving the dirt isn’t the problem, compaction is. Needs to be compacted in 3” to 5” layers with plenty of water to ever think about being done right.

This is very conservatives you can be more aggressive then that, 6'' to 11'' depending on material size and compaction equipment and yes plenty of water.

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50' run and 80" elevation change....but at what width?

I had a real similar elevation change......around 6" over 50 when I built my first 30x50 polebarn at my old house ~15 years ago.

Had a L3400 kubota....did it in a day.

Assuming you are taking the 40" from the high side and building the low side up with that dirt til level right? Thats what I did......packed fine. Constantly driving over a single bucket load at a time.

IF the area is for a 30x50 pad similar to mine......and thats your plan......going from middle of the building slowly digging into the hillside......thats only ~50 yards of dirt.

I think others are making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Sure you could get an excavator or skidloader and do it in about 2 hours.......but its not like its gonna take you a week with a tractor like some seem to think.

A tooth bar would certainly help.....or another means of breaking up ground....(till it or plow as you go).....but clay that is moist isnt bad to dig at all with a FEL.

Here are 3 pics from about ~15 years ago..... This was done in ONE day with a L3400 gear tractor
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I need to level a site for a new pole barn. I need to cut 40" and fill 40" over a 50' run.
Can this be done with a 33 HP compact tractor? What would be the best attachment?
Cutting will be into clay. I'm considering a box blade. Thanks.
I'd use a box blade with rippers in combination with the loader. You can use the rippers to loosen material, then move it with the loader or drag it with the box. Separate any organic material from the material you use to fill. I concur with those that have emphasized compaction.

Whether the tractor is enough probably depends on your material. Where I'm at, there are lots of rocks, which could make it tougher than with a bigger machine. If you can do shallow cuts with minimal stone, it will be easier.

As far as doing this with your machine vs renting.......sure there are machines that will do it faster. And if you were doing this for pay regularly, you might choose a different machine. But it certainly seems possible, and reasonable.