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Jan 18, 2004
east TN
Power-trac 422 2003 model and 428 January 2015 model
I lifted about 2 tons of moss out of my ponds last night. at the end of the session i kept hearing a swaking sound. This morning as i was greasing the center toggle and i saw grease coming out of a farily long crack in the center. Here the proble lay. I hooked up the buzz box and welded the centers back. I have heard some of you all have had this trouble. if mine gets any worse I'll be redesigning and re fabricating it.
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I ended up sending the center pivot pin back to PowerTrac and they beefed it up and I have not had a problem since.
Mine cracked when using the mini hoe in a major project.
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Could we see some pics of exactly where the crack was? Having just bought a mini-hoe, I'm concerned about where/how it is stressing the lift arms...

I'm just learning how to use it, and wondering what is the least stressful way to get the job done... and what areas to monitor for signs of stress.
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A little background. I noticed when using the mini hoe that the pivot center pin was starting to leak grease on one end (not the middle). I kept using the mini hoe on a major project but called a welder to weld the crack on the end. This helped for some time but again after using the mini hoe for a number of hours that this time I was gettiing grease out of both ends of the center pivot pin.
As I was unable to get the pin out, I sent the entire lift arm assembly to Tazewell and they repaired with a heavier center pin and so far I have not had any problems.
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Shows broken center pivot pin, both sides.


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Close up of one crack.


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Final shot of other side.


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Yes, That is where mine was starting to giveway before i welded it. Some time when you get time send us some pics of PT's repair. All i did was reweld with several passes. I guess we'll see later on how long my repair works.
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<font color="red"> /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif Same failure!

Not a difficult repair! You can grind out the old pin, but have a good welding shop properly weld the new pin into place!

Power Trac has beefed up the toggle!

Check out my repair at PT-425 PROS & cons?? #584022 - 02/12/05 !! </font>

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Thanks, PJ. Those are quite helpful, since I now know what areas to keep an eye on...

A failure like that would certainly put you out of commission for a few days!

As I said, I'm just learning to use the mini-hoe, and one of the "good habits" I'm trying to build is using the bucket curl for digging, and not really using the downforce of the lift arms for pushing the bucket into the ground. I'm still trying to understand the best "setting" for the tilt -- other than tilted enough to see the bucket underneath the QA plate.

I have found that a little tilt of the hoe downward at the same time I curl the bucket seems to work well to fill the bucket -- kind of a scooping action toward the machine. But, I wonder what stress this is putting on that pivot pin...