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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
Looking to replace the lights on my 422. I have looked on Surplus Center. Have any of you changed out your lights? Anyone using LEDs?
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I changed the lights, and I added a second set just under the ROPS. Those are the lights that I use routinely. There are some FEL and fork usage, where I find the original lights useful. In general, getting the lights up and more of a flood light has been useful. I have bought almost all of my LED floods from
I did buy a set from ebay, but I wouldn't recommend it. I have been buying ~20-30W flood lights, so about half the power of the original bulbs, but twice the light output. If I were doing it over, I might buy a light bar.

Ken has a nice posting with photos on the differences between his original and his LEDs. That's what pushed me to convert my tractor, truck,....

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I installed an LED flood light ( on my roll bar. Its fairly large & pretty expensive but it turns night into daylight out about 100 yds in front of the tractor. Its a marine flood light - so its totally weather proof. I got the 50 watt model. I hate surprises when I'm plowing snow at night.
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So I converted to LED a while ago. I have 2-48 watts going forward which are hugely bright (I have a fairly good photo series of how the brightness changed from the bulb to 24 watt led to 48watt). I also hung 2 24 watts off the back of the canopy, and switched out the tubs light as well. I abandoned the lower light position in favor of just under-rops. There are some serious deals on light bars and I probably would use one instead of the individuals I have,although I have to say I like being able to grab one and point it toward the work, and keep the other pointing at the way I am going. Make sure you buy FLOODS, not spots. Good light bars will be designed with floods at the ends and spots in the center.

I want to caution you on a few things. Your machine probably does not have a standard alternator, but more of a magneto. In the beginning of LED Bulbs, there were some serious issues of LED's failing due to the nature of the magneto power. I believe the issue has been resolved in the LED Circuitry design but I would check with other tractor owners. While tempting, I would not exceed the amperage of your current bulbs (If they are 35 watt, I would not get any higher than 35 watt LED' (A bar could be 70 watt). But this being said, you will fall off your seat when you find out how amazingly bright a 35 watt led is compared to a 35 watt conventional bulb. And in my reference to wattage, I am talking true wattage, not "This bulb compares to a X watt bulb".

Finally, I got my lights off of Ebay and they came from China. I do try to buy american but from my research LED's are not manufactured in the US. On top of it, 90% of the housing you see for sale are chinese manufactured. These "made in the usa" from what I see are just assembled. So I have had no problems with my chinese bought lights. YMMV.
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Frank, thought I would just repost these. These are pictures I took, exposure time and apature locked, I bumped the lense on the last take but none of the settings changed.

This is a picture of one single stock incandescent bulb projected at my trailer


This is a single, 24 watt LED,


This is a single 48 watt LED.

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Those pictures sure do say a lot.

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Ken, just saw your pics. Amazing difference! Thanks for sharing.
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I like the under ROP's position. The standard position lets the light be blocked by the buckets when raised up a little.