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I've posted pics and info before. Been using LED's since around 2012 and never any failures. Had four on the last tractor and eight on this one. All except for the two side-facing lights on this tractor, all were Maxxima MWL42 floods.

ADDED: Couple notes from previous posts -

Unless your name is Juha Kankkunen, anything other than floods make no sense on a tractor. LED's have the ability to blind someone standing at a distance in what appears (from the tractor seat) to be an unlit area because of the harsh bright light being produced.

Definition with LED lights is different from that of halogens. That's why there are two sets of forward-facing lights on the Kubota. The high cab-mounted lights work OK for general use and loader work, but when mowing it was difficult to see the cut/uncut line in the grass. A pair of lights mounted lower on the grille guard that rake across the grass work great. Before going LED, this was never an issue.

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I got some yellow/red marker lights from Amazon for one of my Ford tractors. They were relatively inexpensive, $22 ea., and were pretty solid lights for the price. I am going to replace the headlights on both tractors with some 64w LED Truck/Tractor work light that appears to be much brighter than the original sealed beam lights, according to the stats on the product. As I wrote this I went back and looked at the post AirOpsMgr had about the Rigid flood lights. I am going to check them out as the pictures show they are VERY bright.
Also keep in mind, if you just want to replace OEM halogen bulbs with upgraded LEDs using your current lamp housings, that too may be an option without shelling out big bucks for full LED pods.

When I got my Kioti DK5310SE, one of the first things I did was replace all the halogen headlights and work lights with plug-and-play LED bulbs from Auxito (belive mine were H5 and H7 bulbs) and that did help a good bit over the stock halogens as they produce a stronger and whiter light. I chose the Auxito brand as they worked wonders on my side-by-side and I did get pretty good results when using them on the tractor.

The reason I went the extra mile with upgraded LED pod lights is that the reflectors in the stock work lights were much more a "spot" pattern, so matter how good the LED bulb upgrade, I was limited to the stock reflector being spot Vs flood.

A word of warning though, be careful when you buy any pods that are listed as "combo" spot and flood patterns; I found out quickly that the AuxBeam pods that I bought for my tractor's side lights were much more spot than flood, as seen below:

AuxBeam "combo" spot and flood shown as my side lights:




I'm waiting on a set of Rigid Flood pods to arrive that will replace the above pictured AuxBeam combo lights to eliminate the spot hot-spot and be a more even flood all the way around the cab.