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Oct 21, 2006
I've thought about finding a 149 or similar and putting a loader on it, but I have the 2084 with the long wheelbase and am thinking it would just make sense to put a loader on that (I think someone here mentioned that to me last year!). Does anyone have an idea what the best loader for a 2084 would be? Is there a made-to-fit model? Or am I better off finding the older machine and mounting it on that?
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I owned a Kwik-Way loader on my 1782 for years, and it was a great loader. I worked it pretty hard, moving dirt, concrete, bricks, mulch, etc. You'll never go back to your shovel/wheelbarrel! I would recommend putting it on your SGT, the bigger machine it's on, the better performance you'll get. The same loader will fit your 2084.
Here's their website.......KW Manufacturing - Blades, Loaders, Mini-Blades and Backhoes for Small diesel tractors
I've seen some used ones on Ebay, but very few/far between. Good luck!