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Dec 7, 2011
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I got a 6x12 10K dump trailer earlier this year. Due to tow limits of my 1/2-ton truck, I never purchase more than 3 tons of material. When loaded properly, the trailer tows great. But I'd say 80% of the time, the local yards load me with a forward bias, creating too much tongue weight. I picked up three loads today and they were all forward biased, some worse than others.

I installed a W.D.H. to help in these situations, and it does what it is supposed to but won't cure poor loading or too much tongue weight. While pulling onto the scale for my first load this morning, I carefully noted the measurements as each axle went onto the scale, before and after being loaded. While eating lunch I did some math. The trailer has only 300# tongue weight when empty, which matches what I measured with a bathroom scale a couple months ago. When loaded too far forward, tongue weight was 1140#, more than my truck is meant to handle and visually way too much even with a W.D.H. If loaded evenly, it should have been in the 700-800# range.

I'm trying to decide how to deal with this. At this point, my only solution is to carefully raise the trailer bed to shift some of the material rearward, but that is a pain to do and needs careful judgement (not all loads slide the same). I am wondering if I should fab up some sort of sealed chamber at the front of the trailer bed to block off volume so that material cannot physically occupy the front couple feet of the bed (it would have to be angled to force material to flow to the rear). Somehow I need to prevent operators from loading with a forward bias and the only solution I can think of is to eliminate that volume. Any other ideas?
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If your material can shift by tilting the front I would say it could also shift when being hauled. I would say cut out some weight and maybe make two trips.
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Forgot to add photo, this was one of the loads from today:

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Dang. Best bet for a 10k 6x12 dump is definitely to just pull it with a 2500/3500 pickup. But! You got what you got.

cant just tell the loader operators, every single time, to “load it centered on the trailer axles”? Dont be shy, get out of your truck and point your arms if you have to. But, Definitely a lot of room for heavy tongue weight with your axle placement. You could build a 45° Plywood ramp at the front 2 or 3 feet, to show the loader guys.
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I borrow my neighbors 10k 6x10 dump
Trailer a lot. Imagine the same trailer but 2 less feet in front of the axles. Better weight distribution and essentially hauls the same load (3 yards or 3.5 tons).
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I always get out and physically show the loader where I want them to put the material. Have only had a issue a few times. Since it is a safety and legal issue if its loaded wrong I got in the truck, backed up to their pile and dumped it. Got some nasty looks a couple of times but its better than moving it by hand or having a wreck.

As far as actual idea to prevent loading to the front thats a tough one. Something sturdy is going to reduce your load capacity. What about a few large cardboard boxes with a bit of weight in them placed at the front of the trailor to help reduce the loading issue. No great loss if they get messed up. Couple half’s of a barrel turned over bottom side up?
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I have a 8x14 14k that I pull with a f150. I've only once had to much tail weight. But it was a goofy load of wet dirt. It's really hard to load it with to much tail weight. However your wd hitch isn't tight enough if it can't LEVEL out your truck with 1400 lbs. I've had over 20k in my trailer by complete accident and the wd did its job leveling my truck. I'm pretty sure my bars are only 1k or 1200lb also.

When I used my dad's 6x10 suretrac you wouldn't be able to lift the bed long before you truly overloaded your truck
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Your local yards have hack loader operators who Don't Care. You buy the product and you tell
them how it should be loaded. And, you are pushing your luck with a half ton with that kind of weight. Trailer weight and product are over you recommended payload.
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Weight ratings aside...

Maybe some different colored conspicuity or marker tape on the upper side panel edges.

Apply some wide Yellow Caution tape along the most forward rib section...

Leave the center section as is, else Green tape or something similar over the axles to make it obvious for the loader where to center the load.

A couple of heavy plastic 55 gallon barrels strapped into the front section would displace a fair part of the space at the front, plus visually encourage the loader to center over the axles.

You might even find black ones to match the trailer to keep the neighbors from talking bad about you!
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Depending on how much/many loads like that you haul, I’d consider a heavier sprung/axle truck. Can you trade in your truck and come out ok financially?
If it’s just an occasional thing, bring a shovel and be prepared to do some “load rearranging“ after they load your trailer. :)
IMO, 1/2 tons are underrated for a dump trailer that size.
Looks like you have a nice contracting gig going…..maybe time to “upgrade” to something bigger.