local hay prices ?

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Good Coastal small sq bales $7-$9 good Coastal 4X5.5 rd bales $60-$80 down here in Texas
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I looked at that site a couple of weeks ago and again just now. It is hard to read and understand for the average person. The one for Va anyway.

A friend of mine buys it buy the ton at market price. I'm paying $35 for fescue mix. The first load I hauled several weeks ago I took it to a scale and had it weighed. 17 bales averaged 687#. That comes out to $101.89 a ton. I don't know if that's good or not. Or how they judge quality or size. I have seen hay at $45 for 4x5s. I bought 40 extra bales figuring I could sell it in the spring if I don't need it.
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What is hay going for around the country per lb in small squares, round bales and large squares ?

Three twine squares, 100-110 lb, $12/bale, forage mix
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$23 yesterday for the large bails for the horses.
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Up here it varies considerably. Hard to get a good price for good hay when the junk sellers, and I mean junk sellers advertise $40 for a 5x6. Course they have a hard time trying to keep repeat buyers, but the price looks good and everybody thinks that's what it all ought to sell for. So my 5x4's which are half the volume ought to go for $20 according to them. Well guess again "suckers".

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$30 for 4x5 round bales delivered. I usually get about 200 rolls/year.
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$4-4.50, 40# small squares of Timothy/orchard mix is the norm here.

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$4-4.50, 40# small squares of Timothy/orchard mix is the norm here.

About the same here, if we catch the local farmer when he is baling we can get 100 bales delivered for $4/bale. We can get rounds for $25, grass mix.